Orbitrek Cycle

    we presents orbitrek cycle – the elliptical trainer, bought by over 10 million satisfied customers world-wide! orbitrek cycle combines waist-slimming cardio with the power of resistance-training, all-in-one revolutionary machine, so you get an awesome muscle-sculpting and calorie-burning workout at the same time! orbitrek cycle is a 4-in-1 virtual combination of treadmill, stepper, stair climber and cycle in a compact design. orbitrek cycle is referred to by leading doctors, even for patients undergoing post-surgery rehabilitation. More commonly, doctors recommend elliptical workout machines for patients with diabetic, bp (blood pressure and cholesterol complaints). Because of its \'no-impact\' design, many people have found the orbitrek cycle to be extremely helpful when recovering from joint surgery. orbitrek cycle makes it easy to get an aerobic workout without the jarring effect of a treadmill. key features 1. steel model 2. 125kg capacity 3. display facility 4. can be used by setting calori, distance 5. pulse reader censor
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