Blood Circulation Machine

Specification of XL SKY SHOP Blood Circulation Machine Following are the Main Features of XL SKY SHOP Blood Circulation Machine: 1. Relieve exhaustion, improve sleep. 2. Promote blood circulation, eliminate ache in muscle. 3. Prevention of hypertension, stroke etc. 4. Prevention of rheumatic arthritis, peripheral nerveatrophy. 5. Beautifies the skin and promotes general health. 6. Promote metabolism and expels toxins in the body. 7. Improvement of chronic diseases: headache, arthritis, insomnia, diabetes, cervical spondylopathy etc. Key Features : Effective for restoring circulation of lymph round the body. It helps improve the symptoms of poor circulation. Good for patients suffering from arthritis. Comes with a user guide/manual. Easy to use. 1. Vibration Function: XL SKY SHOP Blood Circulation Machine Promotes blood circulation to remove obstruction in the channels, relax muscle, invigorate the circulation of blood, accelerate the blood flow by strong vibration and make free circulation of the blood. Using the machine 15 minutes is equivalent to jogging 5-7 kilometers. 2. Circum rotate Function: XL SKY SHOP Blood Circulation Machine Clock-wise circumrotation makes a spiral blood circulation within the body. Increases blood supply for heart and brain, accelerate secretion discharge, and makes body health and clean. 3. Massage Function: XL SKY SHOP Blood Circulation Machine Salience aims at points and jerk sections under feet like a remarkable massage, spreading the vibration to all over the body. Release the aches, furbish the body jerk functions, carve your figure, reform your body, and keep the spring of your life. This machine plays a vital role in promoting blood circulation. Using acupuncture theory, it stimulates the pressure points on the feet and palms, leading to a balanced and healthy blood circulation of the entire body. Its vibration promotes blood circulation and is helpful in removing blockage from blood vessels, thus, enhancing blood supply round the body. It helps improve the symptoms of poor circulation. Some most common symptoms of poor circulation are: - Calf muscle cramping (including during sleep)- Cold feet and hands- Aching, swollen, and tired feet- Cramping in the feet, legs, and buttocks that occur whilst active but improves with rest- Hands and feet "fall asleep"- Discolouration of skin, including pale skin Note : Do not use in cases of uncontrolled high blood pressure, pregnancy, high fever, malignant tumor, menorrhagia, hemorrhoids, kidney failure, patients using pace-maker or metallic implants in bones.
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